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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 31, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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tomorrow, if not extended a bill created in 1949 would kick in. committees approved an extension lan, however, that has not yet been voted on. lawmakers continue to tinker witness. >> oakland police are saying very little about the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl. her murder stit's 131 homicide of 2012. she died after being shot yesterday afternoon, walking to the coliseum bart station. she's the 12th person under age 18 to be murdered in oakland this year. the shooter wounded a 14-year-old boy who is expected to survive. detectives haven't said what triggered this shooting. her mother says the young girl was caught in the cross fire and another teen was a target. >> she didn't do nothing to nobody. when people want to go shoot they need to go to iraq, iran
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and fight if you want to do that. shoot people, innocent people that didn't do nothing to you. >> the death comes squft two weeks after her father died from stomach cancer. >> crosses covering a lawn in san pablo avenue. that memorial grew to 131 crosses this year, one for each person murdered in oakland during 2012. family members of some victims join forward a special memorial service inside of st. clum yurks joining together ])r&s in the new year.treet >> violence in other parts of the bay area as well, police recovered a handgun they believe was used in a deadly shooting today adding to the city's high homicide rate. the shooting happened on louis road just blocks from the santa clara county fair grounds, police called to the shortly before 9:30. they arrived and found a man dying from one gunshot wound two. people have been detained but police say the shooting is not gang related.
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>> there are some cameras. we haven't been able to pull up what is on cameras just yet. but investigators will be able to do that. >> there is a huge response to the shooting that is adding to strained police resources. the recent -- most, rather, since 1991. there were 53 murders. >> in santa clara count yes eem tlee people are wanted for the murder of a man killed in his home three weeks ago. a lot of agencies worked together to make this happen. >> you're right. the los gatos police department is the lead agency on this high profile case but there has been a lot of collaboration in terms of the investigation and arrest which is taking place in multiple cities. four people now in custody in connection with this case. people who live in this upscale neighborhood were at
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first shocked bit crime in this gated home and now, relieved by the latest developments. >> they found the people, we're happy bit. everyone is sleeping with both iz closed now. >> investigators say four people were involved in the murder of the 66-year-old. the former owner of the mountain winery killed on november 30th. abc 7 news broke the first arrest in this case of a 22-year-old raven dixon for access troy murder. police say the alleged prostitute had a relat[i4 , fleece plees arrest aid 26-year-old lucas anderson, already in jail on an unrelated matter. the next day, officers in oakland took a 21-year-old javier garcia in custody for murder, then, saturday, police in sacramento arrested a 21-year-old deangelo austin in connection with this case. police say thaifd help from a number of agencies operating
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in a task force like mode. >> sheer number of hours these agencies have been able to help us in bringing this case to a conclusion. it's invaluable police have not said how he died or released many details in what was call aid home invasion robbery. every court appearance putting pieces into place. >> sometimes, with special friends comes company. therefore that, could lead to problems. >> the fact there is some sort of conspiracy behind it or a group behind it, that does add intrigue. >> the sargeant told me they're deleasing details because the investigation sin tense, they're still not convinced that they have a a.rested everyone who played a role in this crime. two suspects are scheduled to be arraigned this week n san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. you know it's cold outside fchl you're driving around
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this new year's eve a warning from patrol. be aware of black ice on the roads being blamed for an early morning accident near orinda in the east bay this, is the scene. look at this now. you can see the car slid off the road landing upside down about 60 feet down a hillside. spencer christian is here with a look the how temperatures got low this morning. >> we did have subfreezing temperatures. we've got an area of moisture off shore. it's not coming into our direction diving south ward. look how cold it was this morning. 29 degrees was the low in santa rosa. 31 in fairfield. below freezing in several location that's may happen again. we have midnight we don't
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expect freezing temperatures. fire works should be visible to us here in san francisco. along embarng dareo between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. mainly clear skies with high clouds, will be chilly but not freezing. temperatures into low to mid-40s. so good viewing conditions for fire works tonight. it will get cold overnight. >> thank you. and as new year's reveling begin ples braigs for a huge crowd, officials expecting a quarter million people to gather by midnight for the fire works show no. plans to close off streets where people will be gathering but police are prepared for traffic barriers just in case. >> commanders will evaluate that situation as the night unfolds. if it becomes necessary we'll make low sures.pó÷az >> and extra officers going to be on patrol tonight, city officials will encourage people to watch fire works, think about taking public transportation. >> that might be a good idea.
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hundreds of thousands of people will be filling streets along the water to watch fire works. that means some trichs will be more expense yismt happy new year to you. >> thank you. to you, too. prices will run the gamut tonight. everything from free cab rides to get this, cab and limo rides costing two to three times more tonight than any other night of the year. >> i got a lot of drunk people. >> this is snow's 23 year driving a cab on new year's eve. he has tales to tell. >> i've beenañ8:x taking them he some might be thrown out of the cab. >> that is a $100 charge. he sees it year after year but says it's part of the job. getting people home safely on night when most aren't able to
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drive that. is why luchlsor cab company teeming up to offer free rides. all have you to do is mention berg injury lawyer autos they'll pay 100% of it up to $35 for a ride in san frachblt idea pick up a customer, at a bar or restaurant. and then, take them home. >> here is information courtesy of the app driven limo service. peak travel trims -- times tonightn0fkz. uber warning customers it's implementing surge pricing tonight. meaning prices will double during peak travel times. a ride could cost a minimum of $100. >> it's fine.
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it's better than a cab. i'd rather pay extra and get there comfortably, and on time. >> we just heard bad things like new year's eve is going to be hectic to get a cab. >> so if you're a cheap motel time or like free things,398]u o doesn't, muni is free starting at 8:00 tonight. bart will not be free but has extended hours, if you'd like a list waives to get around tonight we have that on our web site abc 7 it will be there on the home page. >> keira, thank you so much. >> she's bundled up. >> coming up a law aimed at making it safer for under aged party goer autos michael finney looks at another new law might help make a -- take away some pain when pulled over by ples. >> taking you laif long the parade route. forks are already staking out
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claims for best views. >> abc 7 news contin
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new year brings a new that law that could affect the way some young people celebrate tonight aimed at under age td drinking home of party buses and how two deaths led to this change. >> this new law came about after a 19-year-old was killed jerry hill named the bill for the teenager. hill says the law will hold the party bus driver responsible for under aged drink oogt drivers now of buses if they see, or ignore
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alcohol being consume bid minors they'll be subject to a misdemeanor. >> another party bus incident occurred this year, a 25-year-old the santa cruz woman was killed after she and a minor fell out of a party bus. the victim died after being run over on highway 17. passengers had been drinking. law requires a chaperone if minors are passengers. to stop under aged drinking. however, the role in enforcement is limb yitd. >> if we stop them for any type of moving violation, then that is when we'd be able to enforce that law. >> any spot checks? >> not sure if that is going to be on the table right now. it's a possibility. >> senator hill believes operators won't be in business long if they don't follow the new law. >> if they violate this,
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licenses could be suspended and could be revoked. two, they can no longer have bus business they have today. sanctions and penalties are severe. >> drivers could be hit with a fine. they also will be responsible for verifying the aijs of anyone under 21. >> when we start 2013 tomorrow, it's weird we are. a new law goes into affect that will make it easier if you get pulled over by police. >> michael finney is here. no more rum youthing through the glove box? >> doesn't make police nicer oring forriving but this is one idea once you hear bit, you can think why did it take so long? get pulled over by police, and this is what you'll be doing the next. digging through a glove box looking for proof of
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insurance. >> i found it. it's expired. >> beginning tomorrow a new law is allowing drivers to store, and show proof of insurance.  >> what a wonderful thing. we can have our license on there. now sne noe? >> this is how the smart phone proof of insurance works for state farm customers. down load an app, click on it. then, auto, up pops proof of insurance. the current proof of insurance. >> easiest convenience is you forget to put new cards into the glove box this, is updating and ready to go. >> now, you'll have to go looking for registration. and at least for now. >> oh, boy. >> state farm isn't the only company with an app like this already. most bigger firms have them, companies like it.
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you have one more reason to have their app on your phone. >> and convenient. >> it's nice. >> thank you very much oo. and listen to this. more than 700,000 people are expected to attend the 2013 rose bowl and parade. this year's theme is oh, places you'll go. more than 40 floats willboulevae everyone zbog to be safe. >> when you have hundreds of thousands of people camping out, keeping them safer is a challenge. hundreds of officers have agencies will be on patrol making sure everyone is on
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their best behavior, police are asking for help policing the parade route. >> i'ming and people is that if you see something, say something. get a hold of police officer. let them know what you've seen. let us investigate those incidents so we can ensure safety. >> police work on keeping people safe, pasadena fire will make sure people are prepared for fridgit krdz. >> we expect the fires and contained pits such as hibachis or barbecue type grills, other appliances that are not combustible in nature, and off the ground. >> waiting to line up chairs has become a new year's eve tradition for many families.
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mary joe gomez and her family have been doing this more thanj% 30 years. >> this is family here. we mark our spot thanksgiving weekend. and just out here at 6:00 in the morning manning it until the parade starts. >> he's been doing this since 1964. >> how much fun is this going to be tomorrow? >> lots of fun. i'll be veep sleeping and will be okay. >> i can come here..
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>> thank you so much. >> well, youf5iñ can watch the tournament of roses parade at 8:00 then at 11:00. you can watch as stanford takes on wisconsin in 2013 rose bowl. >> mike shumann is heading to passa deana. the report will air new year's day. you might think there is panic in the streets its pretty cold. >> yes. cool. >> it's chilly. >> yes. >> we're going to get chillier. right now here is a look at our east bay camera. we can see high clouds in the sky.+hti here is a look at live doppler
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7 showing an area of concern off shore, large mass of moisture not going to provide rainfall here. it's moving away from the bay area. will be cheer and -- clear and chilly. we'll have a dry pattern that will be with us into the weekend. cold snap underway. you probably felt that this morning. we have a freeze watch for tomorrow evening into wednesday morning. north bay valleys and mountains low temperatures dropping to fween 24 and 28 degrees. it could put pipes plants and pets at risk because of the cold conditions. low temperatures overnight tonight will drop to about 30 in napa. 31 santa rosa. 31 livermore, 34, morgan hill. a spare at air alert after midnight. you should not be burning wood or fire logs. an apreching frontal system
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approaches us, very week. no rain expected. high clouds continuing to pass through. we'll start at 7:00 this evening. notice how moisture, what moisture there is, stays off shore, overnight tonight, not quite so cold as this morning. new yeefr's day, cool. press plant -- pleasant. sunny skies and 2013 gets off to a nice, bright start tomorrow. south bay, we can expect high temperatures mid-50s, 54 santa clara. on peninsula, highs of 52 in san mateo. 55 in mountain view. 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 51 tomorrow, 50 in the sunset district. north bay, highs from 52 in san rafael to 55 in santa rosa. and low to mid-50s berkeley and oakland. 53 in san leandro and newark, inland east bay, cooler, highs into low 50s there.
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52 in concord. pleasanton and antioch. 53 livermore, and near monterey bay, temperatures will be higher than that. mid-50s for the most part. 57 in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. nice dry week. mainly dry, ahead. frosty on wednesday morning. temperatures dropping into 20s in north bay valley locations. into the weekend sunday, there is a chourks notice milder weather with highs getting near 60 in spots. pleasant first week of 2013. >> still to come the criminal activity may to be blame for a fire that destroyed a home. >> also, they're cutting edge. they're doing things differently. >> new at 6:00 young business men making a name in wine
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country. they aren't afrai
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fire gutted this home on athens street this morning. officials investigating whether it may have started when someone tried to tap in a gas line. firefighters battled it more than an hour to contain claims. view kroouz dug onto the street to close off the receivered gas line. >> the chief probation officer who was currently being investigated for child pornography possession has retired. the 61-year-old left the position today, he's been on paid administrative leave since december 21. authorities would not say what he did to trig tlaer investigation. the postal service is assisting the fbi in this case. >> a party boat that crashed into rocks will set sail again. the rocks nearly sunk the
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neptune. the ship and 22 people were saved by the coast guard. since then, crews have been pachg her up, polishing wood work. the neptune will relaunch for celebrations this saturday, january 5th. >> back in a moment. >> countdown is on! >> biggest new year's
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coming up at 6:00, it's in the bag. residents who are about to see big changes when hitting check out stand tomorrow. >> making a call to help u.s. troops, 7 on your side on efforts to make it cheaper for members to phone home. >> those stories and more at 6:00. >> roit now, they're already starting to party at timeses square in new york. >> they are. the crystal ball will not drop another three and a half hours but hundreds of thousands of people are lining strets. >> yes.
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spencer said it's chilly there. temperatures expected to dip near freezing tonight. none that have matter autos knox they'll be watching the crystal ball drop as the clock strikes midnight. 32,000 l h.l.e.d.lights that change into an array of colors. that was expense yif yes. you can bring in the new year with abc 7 at 8:00. years rocking celebration. at 10:00 a countdown at times square with new year's rocking eve. we're going to go back to new york for prime time new year's rocking eve. so a big night here. >> don't forget tomorrow, rose bowl parade at 8:00. >> yes z capitol one bowl at 10:00 on our air. georgia versus nebraska that. is all for now. >> be safe out there, happy
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new year, everybody. >> see you again in half an hour, there they are in new york. this is "world news." tonight, the breaking news here. no deal. washington taking america right over the fiscal cliff. and when that ball comes down in times square tonight, every american's taxes will go up. what happened? the other breaking story tonight. hillary's health. doctors reveal it is a blood clot near mrs. clinton's brain keeping her in the hospital. dr. besser right here with what this means. and what mrs. clinton just told barbara walters after becoming the most traveled secretary of state. >> are you exhausted? >> i am. to be honest, i am. the big chill. a million americans in times square tonight. this evening, the security, the weather. some of the coldest temperatures of the winter. and what we didn't know about something else that will be falling at midnight.


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